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Разбрызгивание дезинфицирующей жидкости через форсунку




Description of Sanitizers


The main function of the contactless sanitation device is to reduce the spread of viruses, including the coronavirus Covid-19.

Our sanitizers are simple and reliable devices for contactless and quick hand hygiene. The liquid disinfectant solution is sprayed without having to touch the device, guaranteeing 100% sterility.

Robospray sanitizers are economical, safe and extremely easy to use. They do not require any maintenance, except for filling with disinfectant solution. The antiseptic agent is sprayed for 0.6 seconds, the volume of a single dose is 0.4 ml. The special nozzle creates an angled microspray of the antiseptic which guarantees that the solution enters the fine creases in the hands, completely covering the surface of the hands. The nozzles are placed at a height of 105 cm from the floor.

The area required for installing the sanitizer is no more than one square metre, and the device runs on a 220 V power supply.

The body is a solid structure finished with aluminium composite in various textures and colours.

It is possible to brand the sanitizers with the Customer’s corporate colours, using the company’s logos and images.

The volume of the sanitizer tank is 5 litres, which ensures approximately 12,500 doses.

The antiseptic agent used is an ethanol-based disinfectant solution. Gel or soap antiseptics must not be used.



Contactless anti-microbial hand sanitation 

Efficiency: kills 99.9% of microorganisms and viruses

Easy to use 

Economic use of disinfectant solution 

Качество продукции

Quality materials 

Stylish and aesthetical design with branding option



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